is it time to rebrand your small business?

Are you feeling disconnected from your brand lately? Has your small business grown out of its humble beginnings? It’s not uncommon for successful small businesses to change rapidly over their first few years, it’s all a learning process after all. But how do you know it’s the right time for a rebrand?

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Your core message or unique selling point has changed

Say you’re an events planner and you started out running small conferences and events for local businesses. You love it, but as your client list grows so does the scale of the projects. You discover a new avenue of bespoke, larger-scale events that you’d like to explore. You’re hooked. That’s great! You’ve worked at what you love and now you’ve found the area you really want to work in. One problem though - you’re brand is still geared towards smaller businesses running low-key events. You could be missing out on your ideal clients and ideal gigs by not updating your branding to better reflect the services you offer. This would be a great time for a well considered rebrand.

You’ve outgrown your homemade logo design

Starting up as a small business can be an incredibly expensive time. We’ve all been there, spending cash when you’re unsure if you’re even going to have clients is daunting and a big risk (a worthwhile one but a risk none the less). So corners get cut. You find a logo on a stock image site and you run with it - it’ll do for now. Then business grows and suddenly you’re creating flyers in Word. You don’t love them, but they’ll do for now. Then before you know it, you’ve got a good base of regular customers but you’re struggling to attract anyone new. People are struggling to find your business, or understand quickly what you can do for them. They want to work with businesses that are professional and established, and they’re just not getting that vibe from your brand. Now that you fully understand your USPs and what your business offers, it would be a great time to cement a timeless and effective brand design to keep new customers showing up day after day, as well as impressing your loyal core following! Win win!

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You’re struggling to stand out from other similar businesses

Just like money, time is a scarce resource when just starting out. Maybe you had a quick glance around at other businesses in the beginning but were unsure what you were looking for. Maybe you had such a strong vision for your business that doing a lot of research didn’t even occur to you, you just wanted to get stuck right in. But now, you look around at other businesses offering similar services to yours and realising that you all seem the same. You do things differently, but your brand doesn’t reflect that. You’re being unconsciously grouped with all these other business despite your services offering something unique and exciting. Armed with this new information and a great deal of research from your customers about what they love about working with you, you could be in a great position for a strong and effective rebrand.

Your brand has grown and become complicated and fussy

As above, your business has grown massively since first beginning. You’ve become more things to more people, and you’ve tried your best to incorporate all of these new things into your existing brand. You have employed the use of different colours and email addresses, doing your best to look corporate for some customers, unique for others, fun for others. Along the way, it’s become a bit of a mess. Nothing feels cohesive any more and you’re struggling to see the real key mission of your business displayed anywhere in all the fuss. It happens! Especially when you’re new and busy and excited, there isn’t always time for serious brand strategising when working alone. But if you’re struggling to understand your brand, so are your customers, so now could be a perfect time to get together with a designer and get that strategy sorted so you can roll out an exciting, cohesive brand that encompasses all of your best points!

Does any of the above resonate with you? Don’t feel bad about it, it’s a sign of positive growth and change! You should be proud that you’ve built a business that now needs to be reassessed due to it’s impressive development. Feel free to get in touch with any questions or queries, I’m always open to a chat and some branding guidance.