breaking down our client questionnaire

When we start a project with you, there’s a lot we need to know. How can we make all your branding dreams come true if we don’t know your business? We’ve gotta get stuck straight in with a questionnaire. With this completed questionnaire, we’ll have all the essential information before getting started. This means (hopefully) no nasty surprises or cock-ups later down the line.

We appreciate a detailed questionnaire can be a bit full on. Let’s break it down a bit so you can get your answers spot on. The more detailed and true to yourself (sorry) your answers are, the better your design work will be! So while it may take a little time, it’s just one of those things we’ve gotta get on with if you want great results.

Let’s get into it! 

Question 1: Who are you?

No points for figuring this one out. Just your full business name. We may have connected through email or on Instagram, and we may not be sure of the full title of your business, so it’s important to nail this straight away. Bit embarrassing to have branding for the wrong company name. Let’s avoid that.

Question 2: What do you do?  

What does your business do and who does it do it for. Try and go into as much detail as you can with this one. Hopefully you’ve done some quite detailed target market research and have a good idea of your target audience. So spill the beans! Who are they? Who do you want them to be? How would you honestly describe your target audience? The more we know about you and about them, the easier it is to bring you both together.

Here’s a good place to start:

We do ________ (the thing you do) for _________ (your target customer) 

Get that down to one sentence. Practice it until it sounds right and just rolls off the tongue. Feel comfortable with it. Once you are, you’ve got a neat little business intro.


Question 3:  Where are you customers based?   

This ties in to who you customers actually are. It’s super important that we understand the market we are designing for. Are your customers mostly local to you? What’s important about that region? Are they further afield? I know we’re not exactly at the exciting stuff yet, but we’ve gotta know it. We’re getting to know you and your market as intimately as possible so we can make sure everything is relevant.


Question 4: How are you seen (or how do you want to be seen) in the market place?    

This question is trickier, and requires a fair bit of reflection on your business. Grab a gin & tonic if you need to. Who are your main competitors? If you had to rank yourselves against them how do you think you’d do? What are the strongest elements of your business? What could you do with some work on? It’s cool to have weaker areas, especially as a small business or start up. You can’t excel at every single thing. That’s why you’ve got us! To build you up in the areas you may not feel as strong in. We’re a team now.

It’s important that we know where you actually are right now and where you want to be in the future. That way, we can do everything we can to get you there.


Question 5: Where do you want to go? 

More in depth analysis  of what you want in the future. Do you have a 5 year plan? Are there specific goals you really want to achieve? Let us know what they are. Share your dreams and goals with us. Let us nurture them. Allow us to be your dream-mothers so we can raise them right and send them out into the world, fully-fledged, ready for anything.

A good example of this: Are you planning on launching new products? If so, we will need to factor in new product designs when getting started on your project. The more we understand about what you’re hoping to achieve, the more in-depth our work for you can be.


Question 6: What’s the personality of your company?  

Fun question time! Finally! I know, I know, questionnaires are the worst. But hang on in there mate, we’re almost there.

If you could describe the personality of your business, what words would you use? What brands out there inspire you with their character? Who are your brand idols? Have a really good think. List some websites, some Instagram profiles, some blogs. All of these things will help us get a good grasp of who you want to be in the business world.

You can be as specific or general as you like here, say whatever you can think of to really capture the essence of your business personality.


Question 7: Who are your competitors?

Make a list of a few of your competitors. Then throw darts at it from across the room (joking). They don’t necessarily have to be direct competitors, but established businesses doing similar work to you. The more of these we know about, the easier it will be to position your branding in a way that ensures you stand out and rise above the rest. Nothing worse than building an amazing brand only to find out it’s too similar to that of a direct competitor.


Question 8: What do you want to achieve with this project? 

Refer back to question 5; “Where do you want to go?”

How does this project help that happen? What can we do to ensure you’re in the best position to reach your goals? The more we know about your future goals, the easier it will be for us to align you with them through our work.


Question 9: What does the brand need to be used on, and what other issues do we need to consider that relate to this project?

Tell us what you need the brand to be used on (literally), so we can keep this in mind during the creative process. Will your branding be displayed on something very large (like a billboard or signage) or something very small (like a pen)? We need to know these things! Maybe you’re planning a huge marketing campaign of trolley coins? (It could happen) Then it’s no use us having some big wordy logo with no icon. We need to think about these things so it doesn’t all go to shit at the finalisation phase.

If you have any existing brand materials, do these need to be replaced? If you have existing assets or collateral, how will the new brand work alongside them?

What other plans for the business might need to be considered when creating your new brand? Are you planning to move to new premises, or to start showing at exhibitions in the future?


Yes! You made it! I know it’s a lot, and I appreciate we lost you for a second there around question 5, but you pulled through. Now you’ve got all the intel you need to fill out this bad boy questionnaire to the best of your ability. This means we can create your brand to the very best of our ability!

We’re always available to go through stuff if you need any further clarification. We bloody love a good chat. Just use this post a rough guide. Let’s create more amazing stuff together! Get in touch today to discuss your next step.