print isn't dead! why we still love print design

You may have heard on the grapevine that print design is dead. No one’s doing it any more. It’s worthless. Maybe you’ve been avoiding branded print work because you’re struggling to see the point? Well my friends, that’s officially fake news. Print design is still alive, kicking and looking wonderful.

Physical means memorable

How many digital ads do you see every day? Literally thousands while scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and any other sites you frequent. I’m not saying that digital ads can’t be great, there’s been some exceptional uses of video and gifs that really catch the users eye, but print design work just feels more memorable. Having something tangible that you can refer back to without having to remember a specific URL can be really refreshing! What better way to ensure your business stays on people’s minds than by handing them something physical and beautiful? You can try this out by getting some professionally designed business cards, flyers or price lists. You’ll be amazed at the reaction you get handing them out!



Print and digital work well together

This isn’t an either/or scenario. Just because you decide to get some great looking flyers designed, or invest in a large format banner to display somewhere doesn’t mean you have to abandon your Facebook or Instagram promotions. As long as your branding is solid, a good print campaign can support digital marketing and vice versa. You really can have it all! It is essential though that you have good branding before this stage. If your print design looks completely different from your digital design, and touts a completely different message, how will customers recognise you? Keep it beautiful and keep it consistent.


Show them you’re serious

Print design costs money. There’s an investment involved that shows customers and potential clients that you are serious about what you do. You know you’re brilliant at what you do, so much so that you were willing to spend money and time to get your business out there. Print design adds a level of legitimacy that you just can’t get from the internet. After all, anyone can set up a Facebook business page. Seal your position as a true and trusted expert that stands out from the crowd through print design investment.


Do something a little differently

As mentioned in the previous point, anyone can have a Facebook page. That’s not a bad thing, social media marketing is amazing, and it’s important to be where your customers are looking for you. But wouldn’t it be nice to be noticed for doing something a little bit different? If everyone has a Facebook page, how many of them are butting together beautifully designed printed assets? Probably not that many of them. Which says that while customers may feel bombarded by companies like you in a digital space, something printed could be new and exciting for them. Memorable, even!


There are plenty of reasons to create great print work. Grab a designer, get your branding and core message tight, and create something amazing!