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why we decided to display our pricing on our website

Pricing. It’s a controversial topic, particularly among creatives. When you work in the creative services, no two jobs are ever the same (one of the reasons I love it as much as I do) so it can be really bloody complicated to get a set pricing structure nailed down. However, I was finding that not having any kind of clear pricing structure was not only confusing my clients (sorry everyone) but it was confusing me! I have no doubt I lost clients last year due to my inconsistent approach to costing, and as a small business that’s an absolute nightmare! So I am moving into 2019 with a new outlook on pricing, and keeping all of my services affordable for any small business, with no nasty surprises.

So from now on, not only am I charging a simple flat rate for all logo designs, I’ve also put together a range of bundles and packages. This way, my clients always know exactly what they’re getting and how much it’s costing them right from the offset. Plus, they get the chance to save a bit of money when grouping a few services together! Dream living.

Because I know this topic is controversial, I want to cover some of the (very valid) reasons so many creatives decide not to display their pricing.

  1. No two projects (or clients) is ever the same. Sometimes you get a logo design brief through and it’s like a creative epiphany. You know exactly what you’re going to do right from the start, the client loves it immediately, the whole process is a breeze. But sometimes (overwhelmingly) the creative process takes time. You run through 10 ideas before you’re even ready to present your work, tweaking and editing and scrapping and starting over. Then you do present and the client isn’t 100% on the designs (totally fair enough, that’s what the process is all about) and the process takes even longer. Is it fair that client number 1 gets charged the same as client number 2 for half the work? In my eyes, yes. They’re receiving the same service and as long as they stay within the limits of the project, why should one client be charged less simply for being more easygoing?

  2. Many designers and agencies don’t charge on a per project basis, they charge on a per client basis. That is to say that if you’re a very small business or start-up, you might get a logo for £300, but if you’re a bigger brand with much more of a budget, it’s costing you £3000. While I can see how this pricing structure makes sense, I don’t even want to work with those bigger brands with higher budgets. My passion is working with independents and small businesses and start ups in the South West, realising their dreams and goals and designing ways to get them there. I don’t need to hide my lower pricing from the big brands as I won’t be working with them anyway.

  3. Charging a flat rate means you only have so many hours to complete the work before you dip below your standard hourly rate, and timelines can often get out of hand. This is the big one for me, something I really struggled with in the beginning was continuing to work on client projects knowing I had sunk so much time into it that I was barely being paid. But this is my responsibility to manage, it’s not up to clients to work within my allotted time scales (as lush as that would be). This is why each of my services has a clear breakdown of what you receive for the money you pay. When you book a logo design with me I will let you know upfront that the process includes two rounds of small amends. Need more? That’s fine, but it will need to be charged extra to ensure that I’m still making money. We all need to pay the bills after all.

After 6 months of pricing headaches at the tail end of last year, I am so glad to finally have a clear, simple pricing structure that I can refer to at any time. No haggling, no weighing up what a potential client is ‘worth’, zero confusion. Just a comprehensive list of services with clear, transparent pricing that’s affordable for all small businesses.

What small changes are you making to your business in 2019? Any more tips for keeping my business simple and honest, let me know in the comments below. I hope to work with some of you through 2019!