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speak so your designer will listen - what not to say for better design work

As a designer, I’ve heard all the cliches. There’s so many buzzwords floating around that it can be tough to get your point across without resorting to them. However, if you want strong, well researched design work that speaks to people, you need to ditch the jargon and get real. Designers are creative creatures, which means we’re naturally prone to just a smidge of defensiveness. We’re passionate about what we do, but we’re not perfect. We don’t make the right decision 100% of the time. This blog will run through some of the worst cliched offenders and offer alternatives to make your criticisms more constructive and more likely to be listened to. Good communication is the key to great design work, after all.

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the importance of community

Being a young person in the age of the internet comes with it’s fair share of stresses. Constant news coverage you can’t escape from, heightened awareness of everything going on in the world, millions of perfectly curated Instagram stars to compare yourself to. We cannot escape the barrage of information being thrown at us every day.  Is it any wonder we’re all so anxious?! But, amongst all this are the little pockets of joy that the internet brings.

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breaking down our client questionnaire

When we start a project with you, there’s a lot we need to know. How can we make all your branding dreams come true if we don’t know your business? We’ve gotta get stuck straight in with a questionnaire. With this completed questionnaire, we’ll have all the essential information before getting started. This means (hopefully) no nasty surprises or cock-ups later down the line.

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