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Branding & Design That Captivates Your Target Market

Branding is about so much more than visuals. It’s about telling the story of your business to those it wants to serve, forging emotional and personal connections based on authenticity and values, so that your customers will actually want to spend money with you.

I work with creative businesswomen to craft visual branding which delivers your story and values to the people that matter - your ideal customers. Branding and design from Seabird Creative captivates your target market, landing you your dreamiest ever clients and building your business a reputation in the circles that matter. Let me free you from design and strategy nightmares, so that you can spend your time doing what you do best.

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As a small business owner you appreciate how important a great brand identity is.

It’s impossible to gain the trust and adulation of your audience without a striking, memorable visual language - but it’s important to get your messaging and positioning correct first. That’s what Seabird Creative is all about; gorgeous visual design built around your business’ story and values, guaranteeing a core market that values what you do and can’t wait to work with you.

You can’t build a house without first digging a strong foundation, why would it be any different for a brand?

Not ready to commit just yet? No problemo! You can download my free guide: ‘Easy Ways to Level Up Your Branding Right Now’ to see what small changes you could make to enhance your existing branding.

Hey babe! I’m Naomi


I’m a branding and graphic designer devoted to helping women build the businesses of their dreams.

I started Seabird Creative because I wanted the freedom to run my own life, to take on only the projects that light a fire inside of me and to build lasting relationships with the most passionate business women across the UK. That’s what I want for you, too.

I want to work with you to construct a brand that’s beautiful and strategic, including a strong understanding of your unique selling points, knowledge of your ideal customer and awareness of how best to market to them, giving you the freedom to build a life that works for you. Hashtag goals.

Having worked with Seabird Creative on a logo design for my start up company I would highly recommend her services again! We met in person to discuss my ideas and thoughts for the brand and Naomi guided me through the creative process step by step.
— L.A.B - Lash Aesthetic Beauty
From the outset, Seabird took exceptional care to really understand me, my brand and where I wanted to be over the next few years. As a result, I now have futureproof, outstanding, professional branding materials. that have given me an edge over my competitors. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Naomi to anyone.
— Westcountry VA
I cannot thank Seabird Creative enough. Naomi was an absolute dream to work with showing a genuine interest me as a person, what I stand for and what I want my brand to portray... The design created for me is absolute perfection and encapsulates all of the above!
— Hair by Natasha Jane
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How we can work together


Brand Discovery & Strategy Sessions

Ready for a deep dive into your business and brand positioning? Together we’ll figure out your ‘why’, identify your ideal client and discover what makes you different from the competition. Perfect for gaining brand clarity & direction.


The Essential Brand Experience

You know your business needs strategic visual branding, but you’re not ready to jump all the way in with the All-Out Experience. This essentials package includes, well, all the essentials. Guaranteed to make the perfect impression.


The Complete Brand Experience

Only for the most dedicated business babes. This brand package has everything you need to fully understand your USPs & target market, as well as visuals and messaging to get you seen and heard. Take full control & build your dream business.


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