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Tincygems Logo Design

Tincygems is a Totnes based jewellery company run by Gill, and they were in need of a new logo design. Gill already had existing branding for her current business Gill Goddard Hair. It was important to her that her existing branding was incorporated but with a new, more delicate look. With the jewellery on offer being so dainty and small, it was vital that the logo design reflected this. As Gill is already an established business person in the Totnes area, this logos use was to be mainly social media and digital channels.

We took the existing watercolour and flower illustrations and reshaped them into a circular badge. Keeping it confined in this way means it will be easier to display small (or ‘tincy’) which was important to Gill.We removed some of the larger, bolder flower designs and replaced them with much smaller, lighter illustrations. Handwritten text was added and brush strokes applied to give a hand painted effect. We edited the type quite heavily to ensure a strong, loopy effect that looked distinct and bespoke. This reflects the jewellery on offer.



‘As I sell tincygems jewellery in my shop, it was important for me to use the branding I have already got. I wanted the logo design so that I could develop my new product on an e-commerce website and also on social media. From our first chat on the phone Naomi seemed to understand what I wanted and she was great to work with! The logo design for tincygems is just what I wanted and also has a nice handwritten element to it.’

Gill Goddard – Owner of Tincygems and Gill Goddard Hair